Welcome to the Foundations Fullblood Maine Anjou breeder group.

Offering the best of the Maine Anjou breed from top Canadian breeders!


Our goal is to provide top quality Fullblood Maine Anjou bulls and females to registered and commercial breeders.  These animals are meant to improve performance and efficiency in the herds that they service.  They are also quiet and easy to handle making them an attractive option for all producers.  Cattle from our group of breeders have been used throughout North America with great success.

Members of our group include

CWC Cattle Co.  (Craig and Miriam Cameron)
Stenberg’s Maine Anjou  (Bob and Janice Stenberg)
Wildberry Hills Maine Anjou (Reg and Jean Renton)
Leinweber Cattle (Tucker and Janelle Leinweber, Travis Leinweber)
Buckwheat Acres Ltd. (Tim Mckee)

As producers of crossbred cattle, we strongly believe in the benefits of hybrid vigor and consistency of performance.  We believe this is best achieved by purchasing quality fullblood or purebred Maine Anjou bulls!

Parker Farms

Garth & Rosemary , Bucklake AB

Interested in joining us to market your fullblood Maine Anjou Genetics?
Contact Craig: 780-387-6037, craig.cameron14@gmail.com